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Aston Martin DB4 reg. 706GWU.

Although this photo of a DB4 is undated, it looks to have been taken when the Aston was still relatively young. In the background is a Merionethshire-registered 105E, a Mini, a Minor and what could well be an A40 Somerset. The Aston Martin is the main interest here though, especially as a quick look on the DVLA site suggests that this particular DB4, registration 706 GWU, is still around somewhere, albeit un-taxed for some time now. The car was registered in November of 1961, and is currently painted red. But where is this Aston Martin now? It'd be interesting to post an update on this car if new photos, or details of the car's owners, comes to light.
Whoever owned this DB4 wasn't overly concerned with parking level with the kerb, although saying that none of the cars in this photo were either. An assortment of motoring badges is fitted to the Aston's grille. I recognise the AA badge, but as for the others ... ?
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A Series 4 Aston Martin DB4

Identifying the Series 4 DB4.

In all there were five versions of the DB4 produced. The design of this car's grille, and the flatter profile of the bonnet air intake, confirm this as a Series 4 DB4. It is fitted with the classic DOHC Aston straight six of 3,670cc, an engine fitted to both the fixed-head and convertible DB4s. In standard specification it produced some 240bhp, although in Vantage spec this would increase to 266bhp.
Work on the 140mph DB4 commenced in 1956, with the car making its debut at the Motor Show in 1958. The aluminium coachwork was a Carrozzeria Touring of Milan design, utilising the Superleggera method of body construction - ie aluminium panelwork, fitted to a lightweight tubular inner frame, supported by a separate chassis.
Other period photos of Aston Martins on the site include this photo of a 1932/1933 Le Mans, and a 2 Litre seen with a contemporary Lagonda. Free ads, which may be of use to someone running or restoring an Aston Martin DB4, can be found here.
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