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Firstly, big thanks to Foz and 'Mrs Foz' for sending over these pics of their fab old Austins (A70 Hampshire and A40 Devon Utes), and providing some background info on both of the 'utilitys' . If you have a classic car story you'd be willing to put on oldclassiccar too, please drop me a line via the contact page.

Austin A70 Pickup

Austin Hampshire ute/pickup
A70 Pickup
Austin Hampshire Ute
Interior of the A70 as found
"A bit of history with the A70 ........... found her in a shed in a little town called Milthorpe, not far from larger regional city Bathurst & Orange. First registered in 1950 at a little town called Spring Hill about 9km from Milthorpe. As you can see she hadn't travelled too far from home with her 2 owners until 1968 when she was popped in the shed until time allowed for replacement of oil rings apparently.

WELL ..... there she stayed until last month when for a very reasonable $ I trailered her home with 2 ute loads of spares. More parts for A40 & A70 than you could poke a stick at.

Actually picked up 16 wheels & 7 have tyres which will pass NSW's pretty stringent roadworthy inspections, plus the ones on the A70 itself, 2 of which are fine. The fellow also has 4 engines that I couldn't fit on so I'll go back for them asap.

Well, had a look at her in the light of day & what do you know, pumped up the fuel from a new container (the fuel tank was out of her for cleaning) checked the oil & water & brake fluids (all full) and would you believe she started on first kick & I do mean first kick. Didn't want to keep her going for too long on old oil so drove her in to my shed for some serious inspection.

Couldn't find a speck of rust & we all fell in love with her so decided to keep her."

Austin A40 Devon Ute

Austin A40 Ute
Austin Devon Ute
"We are both fairly new to classic cars, the first being the A40 ute we bought in Queensland, Australia in 1994. It is now registered in NSW for the road & goes like a little ripper.

My wife is a homecare lady, something like a district nurse to the elderly & uses it regularly on her rounds. Trouble is she gets held up just yacking just about every day 'bout the little beastie. If you ever saw the Ronny Barker show where he runs the corner store ('Open All Hours' ) his "girlfriend" was I think nurse Gladys who drove a Morris Minor on her rounds. Reminds me of this with a bit of a grin each time Rhonda ventures off on her appointed duties."

Well Foz, thanks again for the great piccies and the story. I found interesting to compare the cab and rear body styling of the Australian A40 pickup with that of my own Devon, pictures of which are on this page.

This just one of a number of stories & images of classic vehicles owned by surfers who have called by my oldclassiccar website - why not send me your details and see your classic on the web?? Click on the image link below to find out more, its easy!
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