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Homepage. This page: The owner of a South African-registration B105 Berkeley tells of his classic sportscar.

1959 Berkeley B105.

Alan got in touch from South Africa with some photos and a write-up regarding his immaculate four-wheeled Berkeley B105 sportscar from 1959. This is the story of his car, so far...
Berkeley B105

A Berkeley in South Africa.

"I found the car in 1978 on a smallholding north of Johannesburg, it had I was told been bought from the original owner in a non-running state and had then been left exposed to the elements and used by the current owner's five sons as a plaything, who made a pretty good job of destroying it. With it came an RAC folder with all the car's original documentation including the warranty card. The car had been purchased at Mantles Garage in Henlow, a Berkeley dealer at the time, and immediately shipped to Cape Town. As it still had its UK number plate attached it appears that it was never re-registered in SA.
Rear view of the Berkeley
The original restoration was done by my late father, who managed to get it into an on-road state (just). After he passed away I took the car over and spent a couple of years getting it to run properly, and thereafter did an extensive body restoration which is how you see it now.
With a 420kg kerb weight and 50hp (700cc Royal Enfield Constellation) it goes like the clappers, these cars were clocked in excess of 100mph and with a 3" ground clearance does make for exciting motoring.
The car's restored interior
I recently picked up a knock that turned out to be from the primary drive, but then I decided to do a complete engine overhaul and some home-grown modifications to help with the higher ambient temperatures we have here. This led me to the UK for 2 weeks in August to source parts and meet some of the fellow members from the Berkeley Enthusiasts Club, I also brought the cylinder heads with me and had them reconditioned whilst I was there. I'm hoping to be up-and-running in the next couple of weeks and will send some detailed pics of the power plant before the bonnet goes back on, it is quite a unique and interesting set up."
(PS. The misspelt license plate is due to a restriction of 7 characters.)
The Berkeley's engine
Thanks for sending that over Alan, much appreciated!
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