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Homepage. This page: Ray introduces his rare Chevy Ute and wonders how many others survive, and where they are.

Ray Angrove's 1948 Chevy Stylemaster.

Ray got in touch recently, after reading about various other utes elsewhere on the site. He owns the 1948 Chevrolet Stylemaster Ute featured below, and as yet hasn't come across many other surviving examples. Are there many more Stylemaster Utes surviving out in Australia? With the car-friendly climate often found across Oz, there's bound to be some more out there, but whether they're on the road or abandoned out in the bush, that's the question.
A look at Ray's restored Chevy Ute
Ray's Ute has been restored, and features a number of subtle modifications, including some non-standard wheels, steering wheel, and various aftermarket gauges to keep an eye on the engine's condition. Jeanette, Ray's wife, added some more info about this great pickup:
"Hi there I am writing on behalf of my husband Ray Angove, who has a 1948 Chevy Style Master Ute restored. I thought you may like to see some pics of the car as I noticed that you don't have any of this particular model on your site. By the way a great site .. very informative and interesting reading. We are unable to find anything on this particular model .. perhaps you may be able to shed some light for us. 1948 is the year my husband was born so the car is special to us. Thanking you in advance .. please feel free to share the pics on your site if you wish to."
So can anyone shed any light on this particular type of Ute? Presumably they are based on the US model, maybe imported into Oz then fitted with locally-built pickup bodywork, as was the case with my Bedford utes? Below are a couple of links I've found on other sites featuring similar vehicles..
- Discovery of another '48 Stylemaster Ute in Australia (external link)
- Sister model to the ute, a look at a '48 Stylemaster Sedan Delivery (ie van) (external link)
1948 Chevy Ute
If anyone has more info on this model, by all means get in touch and I'll add it in. Equally, if you're proud of your old motor and would like to see it featured in the Your Classics section, it'd be great to hear from you.

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