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Homepage. This page: A 1961 example of the DAF 600 motor-car, beautifully preserved in Belgium.

DAF 600.

I'd like to build up this corner of the website, so if anyone else is willing to have their car featured, please drop me a line. One visitor who was kind ehough to email me over photos and a write-up on his car, was Bruno. In addition to owning a very nice 1924 Humber, he's a big fan of the compact DAF saloons of the early 1960s, and owns this 1961 DAF 600 Luxe.
Photo of a DAF 600

Survivor from a time nobody cared.

The Daf 600 was made in Eindhoven, Holland, from 1959 until 1963. Its main claim to fame was that it had a 'Variomatic' (read: variable automatic belt-driven) transmission as standard fitment, which was at the time unheard of for a European car. Bruno Costers, on his own car adds:
"It's the luxury version of the second generation (Daf 600 Luxe which was made on 8 March 1961) with less than 30,000 kilometers on the odometer. This little Daf must be about my sixth one. In my younger days, when I had just passed my driver's license, I could only afford bargain basement cars, and as the Daf was the kind of car that nobody wanted to be seen in, there were lots on offer, but no takers. Asking prices were very low, so I bought one and have never regretted it since."
An original photo of the slightly later DAF 31, may be found on this page of the site. To see more images of Bruno's car, please see his own web pages.
Further submissions like this, sent in by car-owning visitors to OCC, may be found in the Your Classic Cars section.

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