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Datsun Cherry car.

If I'm honest, I don't know a great deal about 70s and 80s cars, as my focus is usually on stuff from the 60s and before. Fortunately we all like different things (it'd be a boring place if we all liked Standard 10s and A40s!), and the story below is about what is now an increasingly unusual car from Japan.

Not so long ago, these 1970s and 1980s Datsuns were everywhere, reliably transporting their occupants from A to B without making a fuss. Look around now and you'd be hard pushed to see a Datsun (or any other Japanese motor) from this era in regular use - cars such as the 120Y, 100A, 140J, Stanza and the like have all but crumbled away, the metal moth having dissolved most of them (and to be fair most British cars too!). Those that have survived are now being taken on by people keen to preserve these once-common vehicles.

Liz kindly sent me these photographs and a little story about how she found this Japanese hatchback from the early 1980s, and explained why she decided to offer it a home. I don't have much information on old Datsuns, so thanks for sending this contribution over!

1982 Datsun Cherry

More info on this Japanese 'modern classic'

"Since you asked for a story, here's mine.

Our mechanic put us on to someone he knew who was selling an old Datsun. I was looking for an inexpensive ride just to get about town. It turned out to be a beautiful 23 year old yellow Datsun Cherry with only 2300 miles on the clock!

The story that came with the car is that a man had bought it for his wife to learn to drive. Shortly after he died and being his last gift to her she couldn't part with it. She never learned to drive and stored the car in a shed at the back of her house.

Eventually she died and the folk that bought her house discovered the Datsun in the shed, practically in mint condition apart from some rust.

What sold me almost immediately was its connection to a love story, and 1982 was my wedding year and it came to our attention near our 23rd anniversary with its 2300 miles.

Its a car with lots of character but I wish I had a garage to store her in, protect her from rust and the neighborhood kids who keep yanking bits off. Know anyone with an aerial or wing mirror for an '82 Datsun...;-) "

I'd recommend keeping an eye on eBay Liz, parts for most old cars seem to turn up on there - have a look at this page for today's Datsun Cherry parts that you can look through.

Thanks for sending the story of your Datsun over!

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