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Studebaker Flight Hawk.

The Studebaker Flight Hawk shown here hails from 1956, but the photo itself dates to six years later, September 1962, and was taken in France.
The scribbled notes on the reverse of the photo - in French - are barely legible, with only the date being decipherable. The Studebaker's registration is 395 EH 83, the latter number relating to the Cote d'Azur region.
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Photo of a Studebaker Flight Hawk
In 1956, Studebaker had four models in their range of cars, the lowest rung of the ladder being this, the sub-$2k budget Flight Hawk. Buyers with deeper pockets could instead opt for the higher-spec Power Hawk, Sky Hawk, or the Golden Hawk, but whoever purchased this car was presumably happy to ride with much less external chrome trim, plain disc wheels with small hubcaps only, and - importantly - a 3.0 straight-six engine as opposed to the rumbling V8s found in the pricier models. Standard specification was minimal, with features such as a radio, clock, screen washers, heater and external mirrors all being relegated to the optional extras catalogue, rather than in the standard equipment list for the two-door Flight Hawks. Sales were modest, and just 4,949 examples were produced, making them a rare "spot" at car shows today. For 1957 the range was simplified, and the Flight Hawk badge was relegated to history.
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