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Homepage. This page: Story of some Heralds visiting a classic enthusiast who lives in France.

French Triumph Herald

Colin got in touch, telling me about his Herald and a pair of rare Coupes that came over from Geneva for a visit. Colin, with wife Catherine, live in a rather splendid abode in the Burgundy region and offer accomodation for those seeking a relaxing time in France.

Two Herald Coupes plus a saloon

"You really are crackers on 'oldies', aren't you?! Well, we are too. We had a couple (the only 2) Triumph Herald Coupes visit us recently from Geneva, which was great. I was moved to write an article about it and I attach it here for your use, if you so wish. The pix describe and show both the two older Coupes (1959 & 1962) and our own newer, (1970) ordinary daily-used Herald, outside our maison, where we now work and live. We're in Burgundy.

"We have now, on our doorstep (10kms away at Le Miroir) a bespoke new motor race circuit which seems to be very comprehensive and which might be of interest to you readers and we hope will attract visitors to stay at our premises - whether in 'classic' race spec. guise, or otherwise.

"Anyway, very much looking forward to your reply and keep pushing 'Oldies'!

"We'd like to get other classic marques down here, too - so for those who want to run their cars out this Spring, why not tempt them to use the easy French autoroutes?

"They could come down alone, in small groups, just for the discovery of the region aspect (it is fascinating and beautiful) or to meet their European counterparts - or as I mentioned, to visit the new race track."

More information on the Triumph Heralds

(and a free plug for Colin & Catherine's accomodation service)

Spring (and believe it or not, Summer) is coming soon - to a place near you!

So why re-visit locations you know all too well? Isn’t the purpose of owning a ‘classic’ to show it off, discover new regions and meet new fellow ‘classic’ enthusiasts?

Actually you know, Burgundy in France is not that far away – and certainly worth a visit. What better way to fully charge your Triumph’s battery than by giving it good Spring and Summer drives? And don’t we find that such drives re-charge our own batteries in the process – part of the buzz coming from all the admiring and inquisitive onlookers?

“Les Lavandes”, between Louhans and Lons Le Saunier (capital of the Jura and birthplace of Rouget de L’Isle – author of the libretto that accompanies the “Marseillaise” French national anthem) - has just been privileged to play host to two superb and probably rare examples of Triumph Herald Coupés.

Both in pristine, very original condition and dating from 1959 and 1962, they journeyed across the relatively mountainous, but scenic route between Geneva and Beauvernois.

Beauvernois is close to Savigny en Revermont, with views of the Jura foothills. The magnificent Coupés arrived to join an English Herald 1200 saloon built in 1970 that lives and works with its owners, Catherine and Colin Winn. It is one of those honest, working Heralds, that was in the UK and now is, in France, still used on a daily basis.

Triumph Herald Coupe
Creating a situation of delicious irony, only realised on its arrival, the 1962 model which is owned and driven by Bob Copson and accompanied on this trip by his navigator daughter Fiona, is painted in a delightful Primrose yellow. This made a wonderful foil to the timber framing and similarly slightly more ‘acid’ lemon yellow infill panelling of the Winn’s 1739 bourgeoise bressanne maison.

In another curious coincidence, Ros and Alfio Favero’s gorgeous 1959 Coupé closely followed its host venue’s name by turning up in its highly attractive two-tone Monaco Blue on Sebring White livery!

Obviously, the two cars had managed to find themselves an entirely sympathetic venue and rested so that their owners could take advantage of the chambres d’hôtes and tables d’hôtes Catherine and Colin provide, constituting English hospitality in a French rural atmosphere.

The following morning’s photo session was taken with relatively weak spring sun breaking through and the two more elderly vehicles were lined up with Colin and Catherine’s somewhat shame-faced but admittedly daily-used royal blue Herald, looking somewhat square against the sleeker lines of the Coupés.

Triumph Herald Coupe
But rest long the cars did not, the two older vehicles departing to tour the near-by Louhans and the delightful and stunningly impressive valley that houses the ancient Baume-les-Messieurs, close to vineyards at Chateau Chalon, from whence the rich yellow wines are derived.

These yellow wines are well known in the Jura but seldom tasted in the UK - or indeed outside the region, for reasons of low-volume production. There are even years in which it is not produced at all, this being determined by the availability . . . or not . . . of late summer sunshine. It therefore maintains a reasonable market price on the shelves as a result.

There is another local feature that may well be of interest to future Classic Car Club member visitors to “Les Lavandes” and which for their collective benefit, is currently under further investigation by Colin. It is the all-new, purpose-built racing circuit at a place named Le Miroir. This is only some 15 kms south of “Les Lavandes” and lays directly off the A39 autoroute.

If it proves to be acceptable to the circuit’s management and should member’s vehicles be suitably set up in racing specification, it may be possible to secure a reasonable duration of racing at this facility.

Further enquiries about their chambres d’hotes, table d’hotes, week long, weekend, classic car, track racing, wine-tasting, antique-hunting, regional discovery and/or painting holiday breaks can be addressed to Colin and Catherine Winn by viewing their website:


and using the e-mail link, or e-mail direct


Letters can be snailmailed to

Colin and Catherine Winn,
“Les Lavandes”,
Savigny en Revermont,

Lastly, but certainly not least, Colin and Catherine are indebted to the entire Copson family and to Ros and Alfio Favero for not only generating huge enjoyment through the arrival and use of their classic Triumphs, but also for giving their whole-hearted permission for the Winn’s to use the photographs taken of their beautiful vehicles. Very generous and much appreciated – thank you!

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