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1. Mercedes-Benz 170 series.

I've several old photos on file now featuring the Mercedes-Benz 170 or 170V (W136) range, a type that first saw light of day in 1935 and continued, undergoing several revisions along the way, until 1955. Petrol- and (from 1949) diesel-engined versions were offered, the latter - model 170Da - being capable of 40 mpg. The downside was a drop in performance though, while the petrol 170S would creep up to 75 mph thanks to its four-cylinder 1.8 litre sidevalve engine, the oil burner could only muster 68.
The first of these images is shown below. A gent, with a lady on each arm, is stood alongside his car. Note the chrome headlamp peaks fitted to this example, not something I've seen fitted to a German car before. From the clothes being worn, I think this photo was taken in the late 1950s, and the car itself probably dates to the early 1950s. Pre-war examples of the Mercedes-Benz 170, such as the late-30s 170V featured in the Your Cars section, have numerous styling differences when compared to the later, post-war cars.
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Early 1950s Mercedes-Benz 170
By the 1950s the 170V was beginning to look quite outdated, especially when compared to the new 180 (Ponton) series that had debuted in 1953. 1955 would be the last year of production for the older model, by which time over 200,000 examples are believed to have been made.

2. Another 170V.

The earlier style of bonnet side louvres on the following example, plus the split front bumper, suggest that the following car is an earlier 170 than the one shown above, possibly late 1940s. A smartly-dressed gent stands in front of his fine Mercedes Benz, a scribbled note on the rear (in German) mentions that it was taken in May 1954. The photo was printed on Agfa Lupex paper.
Late 1940s M-B 170V
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