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See Homepage. This page: A head-on shot of a rare Series 2 Minor parked alongside a parking meter in the early 1960's.
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Morris Minor Tourer from 1953.

This Morris Minor tourer's registration number, SPK 91, confirms that it started out life in Surrey, early in 1953. By 1954 the Minor had adopted the horizontal grille bars that would remain until the end of Minor production, so this "cheesegrater" Minor, in rare Series II tourer form, must be a 1953 example of the classic post-war Morris.
The Series 2 Minor, photographed on a hot sunny day with its convertible roof folded, would have been at least nine years old when this picture was taken. There are several clues to back this up. Parked behind it is an early Mk1 Ford Cortina, or Consul Cortina. This was introduced in 1962. Behind that, another product of the Dagenham production line, the Consul Classic, built from 1961 to 1963 only.
The Morris' numberplate looks a little tatty, and the bonnet seems to be open on the catch, suggesting that the car's owner had needed to investigate some issue under there - perhaps it had overheated? Also note the old-style parking meters dotted along the pavement.
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A Morris Minor Series 2 tourer
Other classic Morris Minors caught on film in the post-war years include this lowlight Minor tourer, and some photos of Series 2 Minor saloons. Parts for the Morris Minor Tourer/Convertible can be advertised on this page, in the free classifieds section of the site.
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