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Homepage. This page: Period images of a 1950s Morris Oxford Series II in Gorleston-on-Sea, plus other examples.
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1. Morris Oxford Series II.

Thanks to Roger for sending these two photographs of his old Morris Oxford. The first shows Roger stood with the classic Morris in his driveway at Gorleston-on-Sea. The Series II originally belonged to the Mayor of Great Yarmouth, which ties in nicely with the car's registration - EX 9110. The EX registration series was introduced in that area in 1904, and continued until July 1956, dating Roger's car to 1955 or early 1956. This model was produced for just two years.
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Morris Oxford car
The second of Roger's photos sees the car parked overlooking the cliffs at Gorleston-on-Sea, with his late father stood alongside. The location appears to be in the car park of, or just alongside, the Cliff Hotel at Gorleston.
Side view of the Series 2 Morris Oxford
The OHV-engined Series 2 Oxford was introduced in 1954, following the formation of BMC and replacing the previous MO Oxford, with its sidevalve engine and Minor-like styling. The engine fitted to this car was the 1.5 litre B-Series unit. Oxford buyers could choose from a range of just two models, a four-door saloon and a two-door estate, or Traveller as it was called. Sold alongside was the Cowley, which in essence was a base-model version of the Oxford, lacking opening door quarterlights and other creature comforts found on the Oxford, such as the standard heater. It also had the smaller, 1200cc, engine. Production of the Series 2 continued until 1956, when the revised Series 3 took over in BMC/Morris showrooms.

2. A Series II in London, 1954.

Amongst a set of photographs documenting a traffic survey held in London, is the following photograph of King Street in London. Unusually for an older photograph, it can be dated very accurately thanks to the notes written on the reverse - 7th September 1954, 3.35pm. The Morris Oxford Series II can be seen parked behind the chap strolling away from the camera, his hair neatly laden with Brylcreem, as was all the rage in the 1950s. In the background is a sign for the Century Insurance Building. A Fordson 5cwt van can be seen in the distance, following a taxi, while a Hillman Minx heads towards us. A variety of interesting cars are parked to the right of shot, including what looks to be an Austin 8 or 10 van, judging by the rear wheel covers.
Leafy St. James' Square can be seen in the background.
Morris car in London, 1954

3. Morris by the sea.

Whoever took this photograph, thought enough of it to print it in a large format, measuring as it does 8.5 x 6.5 inches. He or she was sat at a table, in an un-named seaside hotel, peering out through the open door. Was the Series 2 Oxford their own car? It might explain the reason for taking the photograph. The Morris' registration is 157 FMM, a London series used from mid-1955 onwards.
To the left, is a Wolseley 8 saloon, while driving by in a blur, is what appears to be a Morris (MO-based) MCV van, with windows let into the rear side panels. To lessen the Purchase Tax due when buying a new vehicle, many canny motorists - instead of buying an estate car - simply bought a van (which incurred a lower tax bill), cut windows in the side panels, and bolted in a rear seat, to create their own estate car. Hopefully the driver paid heed to the sign on the roadside, "Police Notice - No Parking".
Another Series 2 Morris, at the seaside

4. Side view action.

Other than the identity of the make and model of car in it, nothing else is known about this scene. Suffice to say, the beaming chap behind the wheel of a trusty Morris Oxford is looking jolly pleased with his mode of transport. While these Oxfords weren't exactly a ball of fire on the road, they proved to be dependable and roomy family saloon cars. Despite there being a slight blur to this image, I don't think it was on the move at the time.
Side view of another Morris Oxford
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