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See Homepage. This page: An unloved Fordson E83W, plus more photos of unrestored, abandoned or scrap cars with other junkyard gems photographed 1985-2000.
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Picture of E83W from Fordson

Fordson E83W.

More information on this Fordson:

I own a few of these E83Ws so when my other half spied this one in Portugal she knew a photograph was in order!! The picture was taken in 1999 so theres a chance that this little Fordson is still in existence. It was parked up in an orchard with a few other classics for company. If nothing else there are some good parts on it.

This section of oldclassiccar is full of photographs showing a mix of unrestored, derelict, abandoned, and scrapped old cars. Some cars are with enthusiasts awaiting restoration, others are dumped or seen in breakers yards. I don't have any more information on the classic Fordson above, so all news regarding what happened to it, or the rescue of this particular E83W would be much appreciated.

All the photos, including this picture of an old Fordson E83W, are shown as a reminder of how old cars go to look once past their first flush of youth. Some of the scrapyards in this archive no longer exist, others perhaps survive but don't allow you to walk around them. And those that you can still get in probably don't have many classics in them any more. For more photos like this one of the E83W, and similar old Fordsons, please visit the main scrapyard & scrap cars image page.

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