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Opel Rekord P2.

Five years after publishing a photo of this car's successor, the Rekord A of 1963-1965, I unearthed a couple of photos showing the 1960-1963 Opel Rekord P2, in two-door saloon guise. Four-door saloons, coupes (initially by outside company Autenrieth, later by the factory), estates, and a van were also offered, with either a 1488cc (1500) or 1680cc (1700) engine under the bonnet (Autenrieth also offered a cabriolet version). In just under three years, an impressive 787,684 examples of the P2 in its various forms were produced, reflecting its strong sales successes in mainland Europe. Rivals of the day included the best-selling VW Beetle, and the Ford Taunus 17M.
No notes accompany these two photos unfortunately. I think they were taken in France, or possibly the Netherlands, judging by the vehicles parked close to the LHD Opel, although a couple of British-registered cars are also in evidence, just to muddy the waters slightly.
In photo #1 a young chap is shown leaning casually against the front wing of the immaculate Opel. A number of popular French motor-cars of the era can be seen in the background (including a French-registered Simca), but warming the cockles of this English viewer, is a British-registered Morris Minor 1000, entering the shot to the left. Possibly more interesting though is the building in the distance, which has the look of a 1960s' control tower about it. Could this parking lot be close to an airport?
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A gent stood with the Rekord P2 saloon car
A bevy of interesting vehicles can also be seen in photo #2. The French-registered Simca 1300/1500 is more clearly shown here, as are other French delights such as a trio of Peugeot 404s (the nearest being British registered), a pair of Renault R8s, a Simca Vedette, and a Renault 16.
Side view of the Opel
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