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See Homepage. This page: A period photograph of a 1938/1939 Morris 8 tourer, in Series E guise.
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Series E Morris Tourer.

Photographs of the earlier Series 1 and 2 Morris 8 tourers turn up fairly regularly, but as yet this is the only old picture I have of the later Morris 8 Series E tourer. Perhaps this isn't surprising, as they were only produced for UK buyers late in 1938, and throughout 1939, before production switched to military variants. After the war, production of the Series E saloon continued, but no more factory tourers were built. In Australia though, locally-bodied examples would be offered.
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A Morris 8 tourer
This photo is undated, but judging by the state of the nearside front wing, and the drooping door handle, this 8hp Morris had lead a reasonably hard life by this point, so could well be a shot from the late 1940's. This example still has the sloped, streamlined, headlamps fitted. Many were replaced with more upright offerings, designed to offer an improved spread of light. The running gear of the tourer was identical to that of contemporary 8hp saloons, ie a 918cc four cylinder sidevalve unit.
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