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Simca 1000.

Once a common sight in its native homeland, and often encountered in the UK in the 1960s and 1970s, the diminutive rear-engined Simca 1000 range was a strong seller for the French manufacturer. While patriotic buyers in the UK had pocket-sized cars such as BMC's Mini and the Hillman Imp, it was the Simca Mille (1000) - plus rivals Renault 4, 8, and Citroen's 2CV - that their French motoring cousins on a budget could choose from. This is an early/mid 1960s example of the 1-litre Simca, the main giveaway is the fitment of 5" diameter headlamps, which were upgraded to 7" units on later cars.
This old photo shows a parked 1000, its passenger door ajar. Alongside is young chap on his moped - probably a Mobylette - stopped, and talking to the Simca's driver through the car's open window (perhaps an altercation following a highway contretemps!?). The car's registration number - 552 ND 67 - suggests that it spent its early years in and around Strasbourg (specifically the Bas-Rhin departement), in the Alsace region.
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Simca 1000 in France
The curvy car parked behind the Simca is another French classic from a previous generation, the 1948-1960 Peugeot 203.
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