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Homepage. This page: Photos of Tony's cracking Ford-based Tornado sports car from the 1950s.

Tornado Typhoon 'Occasional Four'.

Tony joined the OCC classic car forum in 2008, and sent me these great photographs of his 1172 Ford-based special. This example is a low-slung Tornado Typhoon, from the 1950s, and typical of many such home-built specials built in garden sheds and garages at this time. And like so many fibreglass bodied specials, this sports car utilises the basic running gear of the trusty Ford Popular 103E, albeit perked up somewhat thanks to the addition of some Aquaplane tuning parts. Further examples of E93A/100E based cars like this can be found in the Ford based specials section.

Tornado Typhoon sports car

The Typhoon was available as either a two seater, or a four seater, Tony adds: ".. Mine is the 'occasional 4' which suggests that you can get 4 people in it, but they would need very small legs". The first image and the main one shown at the top of this page, shows the car in a pale blue & white colour scheme 'as found'. Tony subsequently rebuilt the car, re-painting it in the darker blue that you see here, minus the hardtop: "I doubt if I will use this as it is a crude bolt on affair and means having loads of large holes in the body shell. I got these filled in when I had the car repainted".

Tornado prior to repainting Tornado repainted a darker blue colour Rear 3/4 view of the Typhoon sportscar Rear side view of the car Tuned Ford sidevalve enqine The Tornado's dashboard

Thanks again to Tony for sending this info over. More classic car owner's stories can be found in the Your Classic Cars section at oldclassiccar. I'm especially keen to feature more Ford-based sportscars in the specials section, so if you would like your car including there, please get in touch.
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