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Circa 1933/1934 Vauxhall 12 Light Six ASY saloon.

Many years ago (1992 or thereabouts), a 1934 Vauxhall 12 ASY became the first pre-war car I owned, in a straight swap for a two-stroke Saab van. Both needed work, and at the time I was looking for something pre-war to fiddle with, so the swap was done, and I became the proud owner of an ASY restoration project. Both the Vauxhall Light Six ASY (12hp) and ASX (14hp) cars look identical, so the car shown below could actually be either model. Both were six-cylinder saloons, introduced as replacements for the previous Cadet.
This photograph was taken in Broadstairs in 1936, so the car would have been three or four years old at the time. It certainly looks to be in fine fettle, with gleaming paintwork and highly polished chromework, including the distinctive strakes incorporated on the Vauxhall's bonnet top panels. The chap in the background is clutching a pair of driving gloves, so presumably they were about to set forth on a ride out behind the Vauxhall's wheel.
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Vauxhall ASY 12hp car in the 1930s

A second example of ASX/ASY.

In May 2013 Ron got in touch, he has the following photograph of his mother-in-law and was hoping that the car might be identifiable. The picture was taken in 1934, probably in the London area. Again it is either an example of ASY (12hp) or ASX (14hp) Vauxhall. Ron adds:
"Iris (nee) Gouge's father was a third generation publican. He managed the Winchester hotel in Highgate at the time, before moving on to manage the Osidge Arms in Southgate. They were on holiday touring the South of England in 1934 when the photo was taken soon after buying the car. She said her dad only bought the best he could, so she is certain it would be the ASX, not the ASY. Nan is now 94 having migrated to New Zealand as a war bride. She lives in Hamilton, New Zealand. She has five children and 30 grand and great grand children. She still drives herself around in her Toyota Corolla."
Thanks for sending the photos over Ron (see added photo below), and thanks to you all for allowing me to share these charming pre-war photographs on the website.
1934 Vauxhall car
Just a few weeks after publishing this photograph, Ron contacted me again, this time with a great front-on view of the same car. The car can now be identified as registration AMK 91, a London series brought in during July 1933. Given how many cars were registered in the capital, it tends to suggest that the Vauxhall featured here was put on the road at that time. There are a few interesting details worth picking up on. In addition to being fitted with both AA and RAC member's badges, the Vauxhall also sports aftermarket fog- and spot-lamps. The rectangular item on the roof I'm not 100% sure about - perhaps the sunroof is open and the item is a raised sun visor, or is it the base of a handbag, placed momentarily on the roof? The lady in view is the mother of Ron's mother-in-law.
Front view

Another London-registered Vauxhall 12/14.

Phil posted this photo online, and agreed to me adding it into this, the Vauxhall ASX/ASY page. Phil's late father-in-law is shown with the London-registered Vauxhall, sporting a registration (AMX 129) not all that different to the number on the car posted above (AMK 91). It was clearly a much-cherished car, despite getting on in years at the time of this photograph. The sidelights are non-original, as is the single large spotlamp. A single - lofty - rear view mirror has been fitted to the nearside front wing, to aid parking. Such a smart car, but alas the future for this ageing but well-preserved Vauxhall wasn't bright. It was sold to make way for a Ford Consul Mk2, a few weeks after which it was written off in an accident, while parked. Shame. Thanks for the picture Phil.
Vauxhall ASX or ASY

A four-seat Light Six Vauxhall tourer.

The following tourer was a long way from home when it was photographed, in September of 1937 on the island of Madeira, situated in the North Atlantic to the west of North Africa. The identities of the people in the photo aren't given, at least enough of the car is in shot to confirm its identity as either a 12hp ASY or 14hp ASX. I can't say that I've seen a contemporary photo of a four-seat ASY/ASX Light Six tourer before. Note the manually-operated bulb horn attached to the driver's side of the screen.
Four-seat Vauxhall Light Six tourer
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A Vauxhall 12 or 14 of this era can also be found in illustrations used to advertise the Harvey Frost car jacking skates, in a 1940's garage equipment catalogue that can be found on this page, within the gadgets and tools section of the site.

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