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Vauxhall Cresta PA built in 1960

Pete dropped me a note in 2006, with details of the PA Cresta that he is currently restoring ....

"My love affair with the Cresta PA started way back as a 7 year old boy. In 1962 our weekend trips to the coast were always an exciting time for us. A friend of the family purchased a brand new Brown and Cream PA Cresta, of course all us kids wanted to ride in this big flash car.

I can still smell the newness of its interior and remember how smooth the car ran, especially when we watched the red band of the speedometer reach 100mph. Anyway, the seeds were then planted, but it wasn't until much later in life that i wanted to re-kindle those times and own a PA of my own."

Vauxhall PA Cresta - as purchased

"I went in search of anything 'Vauxhall Cresta' on the internet, and soon come across the Cresta club website. The wife and I went along to a show and were totally taken by all the Crestas that were there, it was great to see them again as it had been a good few years since I had last seen one. The search was then on to buy a PA of my own.

The Cresta I own now is the second PA I have owned, this one is a 1960 Mid Series PA with a one owner from new history, having said that it has needed extensive repairs, the biggest job being replacing the whole bulkhead. My contribution has been to strip down the car to a bare shell and supply the money to have the welding and spraying work carried out. As it stands now, 07/05/06, all the welding and spraying has been done so it is down to me to re-assemble the car to its former glory. "

PA Cresta Vauxhall Cresta

Thanks for sending the pics and story over, top stuff. You can read more about this PA Cresta, and see more photos of its restoration, on Pete's Cresta website. You can advertise PA Cresta bits for sale, or wanted, in the free classifieds section of oldclassiccar - click here to visit the PA Cresta page and view the ads currently on there.

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