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Well, shortly after giving the Renault 25 a plug (see here) as a possible modern classic, or classic of the future, another keen owner dropped me a line, also singing this car's praises. Now this age of car is a little outside the main scope of this classic car site, but anyone willing to plug their favourite older car, and hail it as a possible future classic, deserves a little corner to make their point!
Renault R25

Another vote for the Renault 25

"I bought my first Renault 25 in 2003 after the car I was driving at the time went pop. It was a 1992 TXE Executive 2.0 manual. Bought for 450, she had already done 220,000 miles as an 'executive hire car' in Cambridgeshire, and I took her on to nearly 250,000 before she too went bang. Must be my driving!

The Bill Clinton connection comes from her former career in Cambridge - the firm who owned her were contracted to take some of his security men around to check out hotels before Air Force One landed........ I'm sure I have a picture of the car next to that famous plane somewhere but I will have to search it out.

This car (K885MCR, the blue one), started off my love affair with the 25. I once drove from Worcester to Glasgow, picked up a friend, stopped for fuel and headed on to Fort William virtually non-stop. I never had any problems with backache, the stereo was superb and everyone loved the talking dashboard. (!) After she went to the great scrapyard in the sky I drove some other cars for a while, but hankered after another 25. In October this year I bought the maroon one in the other two photos, J990AJN. This is also a 2.0 TXE but with the black leather interior and auto 'box. As Dave says, these boxes have their faults, but I wouldn't go back to a manual now. Passengers love how she just glides along - from the driver's perspective she simply needs to be guided, rather than driven.

I feel it is time that all the larger french cars were more appreciated within the car enthusiast community in this country - both modern and classic. They are well equipped and seriously comfortable to drive.

People seem to be led by stereotyped images and horror stories of big depreciation. Well then buy secondhand, or buy with your heart! I would far rather drive a Renault Vel Satis or Peugeot 607 than any BMW, Audi or Mercedes. My dream drive would be a Renault Avantime! And all this at the tender age of 26........

Renault R25
Renault R25
All the best with the site

Matt Weston."

So, another vote there for the R25! does anyone have similar feelings for other overlooked cars that may be classics one day? I'm thinking E28 BMW, SAAB 99, 1970s & 1980s Talbots, Volvo 340 and such like...read about other car owners and their stories over here.

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