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See Homepage. This page: Photos taken in the pits at the 24 Hours in 1950.

Le Mans 1950

Original photographs of cars & drivers

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In addition to the general motorsport photographs found in an old album (see links above), is this set of 31 photos taken at the 1950 endurance race at Le Mans. Interestingly, many were taken trackside in the pits, perhaps during practice for the event itself. My thanks to David Kiss for providing the images.

Many of the top drivers of the day are featured below, including Briggs Cunningham (Cadillac), Peter Whitehead (Jaguar), Pierre Meyrat and Guy Mairesse (Talbot Lago), Raymond Sommer & Dorino Serafini (Ferrari), and Rosier (Talbot Lago), to name a few.

Pictures taken at La Sarthe, France, 1950....

Jaguar XK120
Jaguar XK120. Car 15 is the 3.4 XK120 driven by Peter Clark and Nick Haines, photographed outside a cafe. They finished 12th.
  Restaurant des Hunaudieres
Restaurant des Hunaudieres. A general view of cars parked outside this restaurant at Le Mans.
  Frazer Nash
Frazer Nash. Two Frazer Nashes parked outside the Restaurant, a High Speed LMR and a Mille Miglia.
  Frazer Nash Mille Miglia
Frazer Nash Mille Miglia. A rear view of the Mathieson & Stoop Frazer Nash, that would go on to finish in 9th overall.
  Frazer Nash LMR
Frazer Nash High Speed LMR. Plenty of discussion going on around the F-N High Speed LMR of Norman Culpan & Peter Wilson.
Frazer Nash LMR
Frazer Nash LMR. A clearer shot of Car 3, note the hefty bonnet retaining straps.
Jaguar XK 120. Another view of Car 15, the XK roadster of Clark and Haines (GB).
  Bentley Corniche TT
Bentley Corniche TT. Pitside now, showing the streamlined Bentley TT of Eddie Hall and Tom Clarke pulling in. Mind the cyclists!
  Bentley Corniche TT
Bentley Corniche TT 1934. A fabulous photo of the streamlined 1934 Bentley at the Rolls Bentley pit garage.
  Cars in the pits
Cars lined up for the start. Readied for the start of 24 hour racing, plenty of pit garages visible inc Delage, Jaguar, Healey. Car 17 is the XK120S of Leslie Johnson and Bert Hadley.
Riley RM at Le Mans
Riley RM. Car 22 is the Riley RM reg. AEN 10 (RMB or RMC?) of Robert Lawrie and Geoffrey Beetson. Behind are Aston Martin DB2s.
  Cadillac Le Monstre
Le Monstre Cadillac Spider. Built specially for the event was Le Monstre, designed and driven by Briggs Cunningham, co-driven by Phil Walthers.
Jaguar pit garage. A line-up of XKs, fronted by car 15 (Clark/Haines), with car 16 (Peter Whitehead & John Marshall) and 17 (Lesley Johnson & Bert Hadley).
Cadillac pit garage. The Briggs Cunningham Le Monstre alongside a standard-body Cadillac 50-61 Coupe de Ville, nicknamed "Clumsy Pup" of Miles & Sam Collier.
  Talbot Lago
Talbot Lago. Car 7 is the Talbot Lago of Pierre Meyrat and Guy Mairesse of France. It would finish second.
Rolls Bentley pits
The Rolls Bentley garage. Plenty of activity in the 'Rolls Bentley' garage in preparation for 24 gruelling hours.
  Ferrari 166 MM
Ferrari 166 MM. Entered by Luigi Chinetti, the V12 166 Ferrari was driven by Yvonne Simon & Michel Casse but didn't finish (DNF).
  Ferrari 166 MM
Ferrari 166 MM. Another view of the V12 Ferrari entered by Luigi Chinetti, sadly it ran out of fuel during the race and retired.
  Ferrari 166 MM
Ferrari 166 MM. Front photograph of the Ferrari 166 coupe.
  Ferrari 166 MM
Ferrari 166 MM. A peek inside the cockpit of the V12 Ferrari in 1950.
 Ferrari 166
Ferrari 166 Mille Miglia. One last picture showing this classic V12 Ferrari.
   Ferrari 195S Berlinetta Touring
Ferrari 195S Berlinetta Touring. Another Chinetti entry was this 195S Berlinetta Touring, driven by Raymond Sommer & Dorino Serafini.
   Ferrari 166MM
Ferrari 166MM. A different 166 Ferrari, entered by Lord Selsdon, and driven by Selsdon (Peter Mitchell-Thompson) & Jean Lucas.
   Ferrari 166MM
Ferrari 166MM. Also entered by Chinetti, was Car 26, the car of Porfirio Rubirosa & Pierre Leygonie. Clutch problems led to its retirement in the race.
  Le Mans pits
Le Mans pits. A general photograph showing crowds milling around the cars entered in the race.
Talbot Lago T26GS
Talbot Lago T26GS. Car went on to win the race, in the hands of Louis Rosier & Jean-Louis Rosier. Mechanics hitching a ride?
  Talbot Lago MD
Talbot Lago MD. Car 7 is the Talbot Lago of Pierre Meyrat & Guy Mairesse, who would go on to finish second. Monsieur Gendarme looks on.
  Talbot Lago T26GS
Talbot Lago T26GS. The Rosier/Rosier T26GS is seen here parked outside the pit lane garages.
  Le Mans pitlane
Pitlane. Crowds mill around the garages, with plenty of berets in evidence. Can anyone id any faces seen here?
  Cadillac Le Monstre
Cadillac. Le Monstre pulls into the pit garage, the front corner having received a biff. The lady in the passenger seat has been for a ride it seems.
Taking it easy
Having a rest. More faces to identify perhaps?

I've tried my best to identify cars and drivers, but if any errors have crept in, please let me know (contact page).

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