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More period photographs taken in 1950/1951

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A miscellaneous bunch of photos now....

Sports car
Frazer Nash. Unidentified track and car - perhaps a Frazer Nash? Hubert confirms my suspicions - it is a Frazer-Nash Mille Miglia from 1953.
  Sports car
Mystery sportscar. Curious looking special - aluminium bodied by the looks of it? can anyone identify 301 PD ?
  Talbot / Darraque T150C
Talbot (Darraque) sportscar. Thanks to Jean-Marie, who tells me that this is a French Talbot T150C built in Surrenes near Paris.
  Lagonda drophead
Lagonda DHC. LLP 144 is still registered in the UK, down as being fitted with the 2580cc straight six engine.
  Marauder dhc
Marauder. Few of the Rover P4-based Marauder sports cars were built
Healey? This looks like a Healey, taking part in an autotest of some kind.
Healey? The Healey seen in action at this low-key event.
Healey? The same car photographed out on the road, viewed from high up (from a hotel window?).
These now confirmed as the Ramsgate Speed Trials, Western Undercliff, Ramsgate, probably 1951.

Triangle Flying Saucer
Triangle Flying Saucer of Ted Lloyd-Jones, V12 Rolls-Royce Kestrel engine.
  Single seat special
Sprint special. A tidy little racing car with transverse leaf (Austin?) front suspension.
  ERA Delage
ERA Delage Several historic cars here, with the ERA Delage nearest the camera, alongside Frazer-Nash Le Mans Replica WMC181.
Alta Special. A very tidy special receives a push in the paddock area, perhaps the Norris special based on the IFS ?
  ERA Delage
Delage. The Delage, readied for action in this sprint event in 1950.
BMW 328
BMW 328. A 328 and Norris Special single seater line up together.
  Aston Martin DB2
Aston DB2. Complete with BRDC label on the front wing, this DB2 Aston looks to be competing.
  Frazer Nash Le Mans Replica
Frazer Nash Le Mans Replica. This F-N, WMC 181, was delivered in January 1951 to Sid Greene. Later in '51, Moss would win the British Empire Trophy in it.
  Single seater
Alta 1100. Thanks to Michael who confirmed that this is an Alta. Car registration DPJ929, chassis 25R1S.
And now for something very muddy, off-road trialling, 1950s style ....

Ford special
Trials car. The wheels suggest this energetically driven special is Ford Pop based.
  Ford special
Trials car. The same car (NHM 100 or NHW 100), a little further up the deeply muddy course.
Dellow. Ford-based Dellow Mk1 HWP 935 screaming up the trials course, rear tyres deflated for extra grip.
  Ford trial car
Ford trials car. One of many Ford sidevalve trials car used in the 1950s.
  Trials car
Trials car. Note the articulation of the independent front suspension here.
Austin trial car
Austin 7? trials car. Possibly based on Austin 7 running gear, note child in back (extra weight) and deflated tyres (grip).
  Ford sidevalve
Ford trials car. Another Ford, MKE 346, tackles the hill, passenger bouncing energetically!
  Vintage trials car
Trials. A very neat little car seen here getting grubby.
  Old trials car
Trials car. This little car is really flying, passenger holds on tightly!
Finally, some very nice circuit racers, location unknown ....

KUR 4 Lester MG
Lester MG. Thanks again to Michael who id'd this MG special for me.
  MG KUR 4 from behind
Lester MG Same car, seen from behind this time. The finish of this little beauty is superb, originally built by Harry Lester.
  HWM Alta
HWM Alta This reminded me of the HWM Alta that appears in John Bolster's book "Specials", and this has now been confirmed.
  HWM Alta
HWM Alta Rear view of the offset single seater F2 HWM-Alta.
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