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Page 2 Racing Cars Photographs c1950

More original photos of competition cars in action

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A selection of misc racing and sports car photos....

Gransden Lodge
Race start. Possibly Gransden Lodge? Goodwood in '48 has also been suggested. The cars are lined up for the race, on the front row is Poore in the 3.8 Alfa with an ERA in the middle position.
  Gransden Lodge
Race start. A slightly blurred photo but nonetheless of interest.
  Bentley MPE 10
Bentley Special. Registered MPE 10. The Barnato Hassan Brooklands Bentley with a road body (thanks Steve).
  Healey Silverstone
Healey Silverstone. KXN 876 is another car in this set that is still alive today, and dates to 1949. Chassis number D12. (Also see: Healey Silverstone book from 1951.
  Jaguar XK120
XK120. HKV 500 made a name for itself with record-breaking demonstration runs in 1949 on the Jabbeke highway in Belgium, driven by Ron Sutton.
Alfa 6C
Alfa Romeo 6C. A handsome Alfa 6C 1750 (I think!) reg. AXA 306.
  Talbot Lago
Talbot Lago. Here's a stunning Talbot Lago registered as HYV 89 - does it still exist? Parked alongside a paddock, at an unknown UK venue.
Healey saloon. Out in a car park was this unusual Elliott, or Tickford bodied, Healey saloon car.
Bugatti 57SC Bugatti 57SC owned by Col G.M. Giles with a Corsica body designed by Eric Giles reg GU7
  Bugatti 57
Bugatti 57SC A second photo of this wonderful Bugatti.
Now, Brighton Speed Trials once again - 1950 I believe ....

Alfa Romeo. Can anyone identify this coachbuilt sporting car? my guess is something Italian, but what exactly?? John L & Hubert advise that this is an Alfa Romeo 6C 2500, 1948, by Pininfarina.
1930s MG sports car. Tricky to identify but Michael H advises that JB 4607 is MG N Type, chassis NA 0518, probably one of the NE Tourist Trophy cars .
Brighton Speed Trial. Two cars line up for the start. Back then two cars ran at the same time in the speed event.
  Brighton Speed event
Brighton Speed Trial. A sprint special lines up with the starter on the line.
Brighton Speed Trial. A smoking Bentley takes on something very different - the Embiricos Bentley (FXW 6), designed by Georges Paulin and built by Pourtout. Ran at Le Mans in 1949, 1950 and 1951 (thanks Pico). Is that the commentator's in the bus behind?
Bentley on the line. VR 1523 prepares to do a timed run, with several other Bentleys watching on.
Brighton Speed event. Car Number 11 accelerates from the line.
Brighton Speed event. Two cars speed back on their return run - Bentley leads.
And off to an unidentified (ex-airfield) circuit, circa 1950....

Ex-airfield circuit
Cars lined up. Which former airfield racing track are these cars photographed at? any ideas?
  Ex-airfield circuit
Cars lined up. I wonder what car no.51 is?
  Frazer Nash
Frazer Nash. Several cars being prepared for action.
Bentley. A fab close-up of a Bentley in the car park - lots of interesting cars parked around too!
LMU 3. This car was the creation of Lotus founder Colin Chapman.
LMU 3. This is (I believe) the front of LMU 3, one of Chapman's earliest cars.
  1950s car park
Bentley. Another Bentley surrounded by lesser metal in the car park.
  Tojeiro Bristol
Tojeiro Bristol. JOY 500 rests out in the paddock area.
  Tojeiro Bristol
Tojeiro Bristol. The Bristol powered sports car, alongside Bentley XMC 490.
Now something totally different - a V.C.C. Veteran car rally ....

1903 Argyll
Argyll. HXE 10, a 1903 Argyll, sets off on the Veteran Car Run - perhaps the London to Brighton??
Bugatti. A very early motorcar, perhaps a Bugatti, registered MF 6167.
Bugatti. This ancient Bugatti has a healthy selection of horns to choose from!
  Lineup of veteran cars
Veteran cars. Quite a variety of very early cars lined up for the 'off'.
  Model T Ford
Ford Model T. A Model T Ford heads this lineup of vintage and veteran cars.
Back to circuit racing, Goodwood perhaps, in 1950 ? ....

Ferrari 155 Barchetta
Ferrari Barchetta. Car 76 is a 1950ish 155 MM Barchetta.
  500 racer
500cc Racer. Not sure what this - any experts out there??
  Stirling Moss in Jaguar C-Type
C-Type Jaguar. A young Stirling Moss aims his C-Type Jaguar back to the pits.
  Single seaters
Several single seaters. A clutch of front-engined single seat racing cars pull off the track, Alta to the right.
  Single seater
HWM Single seater. I had thought possibly an Alta, but I'm told not - the exhausts are on the wrong side and it appears to be a six cylinder engine. Steve id's this as an HWM.
Alfa Romeo Alfetta 159
Alfa 159 Alfetta. The classic Alfetta 159 (Farina?).
S. Moss/HWM. Stirling Moss in the HWM at Goodwood (I believe).
  Thin Wall Special - Reg Parnell
Thin Wall Special. Reg Parnell at the wheel.
Off upto Worcestershire and Shelsley Walsh hillclimb ....

Crowds look on. A healthy crowd of spectators watch car 28 on the hill.
  Dennis Poore Alfa Romeo
Alfa Romeo 8C-35. A car I've done a lot of research on. The transporter and trailer for the car are just visible in the lefthand background. Poore would win the '50 championship.
  Shelsley Paddock
Paddock. This photo contains a choice of hillclimb cars at Shelsley Walsh - note the straight 8 Bugatti (?).
  Shelsley Paddock
Paddock. Parked near the paddock was this Type 35 Bugatti.
  Shelsley Paddock
Paddock. More exotic cars parked at Shelsley Walsh.
XK120 Jaguar
Jaguar XK120. This roadgoing aluminium-body XK120 (JVC 621) roadster was a new-ish car in 1950.
Bentley 4½ lt Short Chassis Bentley. This well-known 1928 Bentley, YV 695, is still around today.
  Bristol 403
Bristol 403 MPH 100. Owned by the then-boss of Bristol Cars, Tony Crook.
  HRG Coupe 1948
HRG Coupe. In this photograph is the 1500cc HRG Coupe of Roy Barrington Brooks (registration MPA 792).
  Bentley cockpit
Bentley. Although not clear this may well be the 4.5 litre shown previously ( YV695 ).
Mercedes SSK. EMH 303 is a stunning supercharged Mercedes 540K cabriolet A, circa 1937.
Mercedes SS. Another fabulous Mercedes, reg. DLD 167 around still? must be surely. Hubert confirms this is a 540 K coupé, of 1938.
  Jaguar XK 120
Jaguar XK 120. PPC 120, according to the motor vehicle licensing site, is still around. Where is PPC120 now?
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