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See Homepage. This page: Original pictures of Lightweight E-Type Jaguar CUT 7 competing in hillclimbs, circa 1968.
Original transport photographs
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Michael Wright and his Low-Drag Lightweight E-Type.

Firstly, thanks to David & Robert Hall for sending these E-Type photographs over. They show Mike Wright, who was David's uncle, competing in his ex-Dick Protheroe Lightweight E-Type during the 1960s. Prior to Mike's ownership, this racing Jaguar, registration 738 EUT, was registered CUT 7 and has subsequently reverted to this registration number.
I believe that this car is the third of three Jaguar E-Types run by Protheroe, all raced at some point using the number CUT 7, although the one shown was the only "Low Drag" example. Tracing the history of competition cars can be a tricky task, as precise details often get lost in the murky mists of time, as cars change hands, and undergo countless rebuilds. This Jaguar E-Type, 738 EUT / CUT 7, fitted with Malcolm Sayer's "low drag" lightweight coupe bodywork, can still be seen in active competition, belonging now to Viscount Cowdray. It was a recent photo of this car competing at a Goodwood Revival meeting, that prompted David to get in touch (thanks!).

Jaguar E-Type 738 EUT, Prescott Hillclimb, 1968.

The first photograph shows the Jaguar competing at the Prescott hillclimb, on June 16th 1968 (23rd Members' Hill Climb). His times were 54.55 and 53.41 seconds, coming second in class 12. Note the interesting array of public cars parked in the distance, which include Jaguars, Fords, Triumphs and a lone CA Bedford van. Can anyone hazard a guess at what the two-tone car, parked in the middle of the second row down might be?
Jaguar E-Type CUT 7

In action at Shelsley Walsh, 1968.

The second photo shows Mike Wright in action later the same year, this time at Shelsley Walsh on August 18th 1968, at the start line ready to attack the hill in his E-Type. The distinctive bodywork of the "low drag" E-Type, with it's different body profile and roofline, can clearly be seen in this photo. Inset is a photo of Mike Wright receiving an award at a September 1968 hillclimb meeting at Prescott.
Low Drag E-Type Jaguar at Shelsley Walsh hillclimb

Mike Wright at Prescott in 1970.

Last of David's Lightweight E-Type photographs is this fine side view of the Jaguar, shown competing at Prescott - at the Pardon hairpin - on May 3rd 1970, the National Open meeting. His times in the Jaguar were 52.99 and 53.68 seconds, finishing third in class 12. Thanks to the BOC (Bugatti Owner's Club) for confirming the dates and his times. Interestingly it has the same competition number, 180, as the shot of the car at Prescott further down the page, so could well have been taken at the same meeting.
Mike Wright in his E-Type Jaguar
The car was originally built by Jaguar Cars to compete in the GT Championship, but a change in the regulations put paid to the car competing for the factory, and it remained a one-off. Dick Protheroe, a racer who also sold road-going Jaguars, persuaded Sir Williams Lyons to sell him this unique E-Type. This he did, and Protheroe scored many successes in the "low drag" sportscar, regularly leaving 250 GTOs in his wake. By 1965 the car was in the ownership of David Wansboorough, who deposited the Jaguar into the lake at Oulton Park's Cascades corner while practicing for the RAC Tourist Trophy in 1965. Michael Wright took on ownership not long after.
Along with these photographs, David also sent some of Mike Wright competing in other historic competition cars: the HWM Jaguar, a Lister Jaguar, and now featured on this page, Mike in an XK120 roadster at a sprint in 1960. He also competed in a Ford GT40 (chassis #1073) but David has no photos of him in that car. Sadly Mike is no longer alive, but the family's racing tradition continues with David's son Robert, who races in Formula Ford and is due to compete in a race-prep'd Austin-Healey soon.

Another image of the E-Type at Prescott.

The next photograph to arrive of the E-Type Jaguar CUT 7 / 738 EUT arrived recently from Australia. It was sent over by Heather Awcock (nee Wright), youngest daughter of Mike Wright. The photo shows the Jaguar competing at the Prescott hillclimb, probably at the same meeting as the previous Prescott photo. Heather adds: "Its great that it is still racing ... doing what it was designed to do. I can remember my father stripping the paint back when he renovated it (after its trip into the lake) it was painted maroon then I think, and grey underneath ... he painted it British racing green, and there are also photos of it in some of Phillip Porter's books". Thanks Heather!
Jaguar CUT 7

The Lightweight E-Type in the paddock at Prescott, July 1970.

David Morys contacted me in May 2011, with a paddock photograph featuring Mike Wright's Lightweight E-Type. He took this at the 5th Invitation Meeting Hillclimb, held on the 4th/5th July 1970, using his faithful Brownie 127 camera. It was entered in the Sports Cars, Touring Cars and GT Cars 3,001cc and Over class, which would end up being won by Jack Maurice in his Ferrari 250 LM (51.23 seconds). The Jaguar came second, with a time of 53.26 seconds, with an AC Cobra third (57.40).
Thanks for sending the scan over David! Also note the interesting Ford Anglia 105E in the background.
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The Lightweight Jaguar E-Type at Prescott hillclimb in 1970
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There is a liberal sprinkling of material relating to historic motorsport across this website, some of which has been highlighted on this page, where the subject of collecting motor racing memorabilia is looked at in some detail. Fans of Jaguars may find this E-Type screensaver to be of interest, and also this period shot of a beautiful short-nose D-Type.
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