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See Homepage. This page: Introduction to the ongoing restoration of a Morris Minor pickup truck living in the USA.

1960 Minor pickup.

Chalmers contacted me with news of his ongoing Morris Minor restoration project. His late father bought the pickup new in 1960, from a BMC dealership in California. Despite being out of use for some time, the truck is in very sound condition thanks to the climate in California. At present Chalmers is mid-way through the rebuild. He kindly sent over various photographs of the Morris, both prior to and during the ongoing restoration. He now takes up the story so far ...
1960 Morris Minor pickup waiting for restoration

Morris Minor finished in Connaught Green.

Just browsed through your Old Classic Car Website, and thought I would send you a story of bringing a Classic back to life!
I'm having my late Father's 1960 Morris Minor Pickup restored. He was the original owner, and purchased it new here in Sacramento, California, USA. Back in the early 1990's, the transmission went out for the 3rd time in its history. He let the truck sit idle for several years in front of our Family home, until the County came and Ticketed it. The local Government (and Residents), don't like neighborhoods looking like Scrap Yards, so he was forced into towing the Morris to his second property with acreage, where it would be out of sight and out of mind! It ended up in his Barn, where it resided for over 8 years until I started the rescue mission. So far I have many dollars invested in new parts, and have almost everything I need. The restoration is being done by a qualified restorer. I will be getting my hands dirty by stripping the paint off all the body parts with Aircraft Paint Remover to save on labor costs, and the Restoration guy will do a final soda blast of the parts after that, including the frame before re-spraying. I am a member of two Morris Minor Clubs in Britain: The LCV Club (Light Commercial Vehicle), and the Morris Minor Owners Club Ltd. Brian Lee of the LCV Register, was so kind to send me an original Swatch Plate for the pickup's original Connaught Green. It will be re-painted in its original color, which as you may know, is very dark. My Dad didn't keep it waxed over the years, so after years of it sitting in the CA sun and oxidizing, it looked Black.
More photos of the Minor pickup
My Morris originally had the dark brown vinyl seat covers and brown fiberboard door panels. The pickup's interior will be changed, as I've decided to use the Cherokee Red leather seats, scuttle panels & door pulls (purchased from Newton Commercial), along with new seat padding kits/accessories, door panels, glove boxes, parcel tray, firewall insulation pad and a carpet kit. I just prefer the red interior color, rather than brown, to go with the Connaught Green.
The only real issues of rust are in the right side floor pan/panel (rusted through), and the 2 outer wheel arches above the rear tires where leaves and dirt collected. I purchased both right & left floor pans from MGM Spares, so the entire floor can be replaced/restored equally. The rusted portions of the wheel arches are being cut out and re-fabricated. The frame is in great shape, and rust is not an issue. We here in Sacramento, are 80 miles east of San Francisco, so the ocean's salty coastal air has no effect on vehicles in this part of California.
The pickup is also getting a 1275cc engine with rib-cage transmission I found this summer, front disc brakes, new master brake cylinder, servo kit, rear brake cylinders/shoes, all new glass/rubber seals, door rubber seals and a larger 10 gallon gas tank. The wood portion of the pickup's bed, will be replaced with Cherry Wood. I'm still working on a couple of designs on how it will be constructed.
I'm going all out (but NOT over-restoring it), and dedicating this restoration to my dear late Father, Chalmers Ephriam West Jr., who passed away in 2001. My Pickup's name is "JR", named after him.
My Father loved his cars. I really wish I had more photos of all the cars he had, especially of the Morris Pickup, which I could only find two of. The best of which is attached, from about 1963.
In closing, I need to share with you how saddened I was to see your photos [elsewhere on OCC] of the Morris Pickup and the three Travellers just sitting out in the weather, rotting away. I hope more people will invest in restoring many of the old classics that are stored in farm fields, scrap yards, vacant properties, barns, etc. Information that you're providing on your website will definitely help to encourage people. Thanks for allowing me to just ramble on and on.
Morris 1000 pickup
Thanks for the story Chalmers! Don't forget to send over some photos of the completed vehicle. I doubt that there are too many Morris Minor pickups surviving in the USA now, so it's great to read about your project.
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