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Toy version of the Volvo 120 motor-car.

Volvo 120 Amazon plastic toy car
Galanite toy car
Galanite car
Volvo 121/122S Amazon

Volvo Amazon by Galanite of Sweden.

Galanite (or Svenska Galanite Industri to give the Swedish company its full title) produced a number of plastic toy vehicles. Shown here is a toy version of Volvo's 120, or Amazon, series, a car first introduced in 1956. The style of grilles incorporated in the design of this toy version suggest a production date in the late 1960s, rather than late 1950s though. All 120s were powered by a four-cylinder engine, in 1.6, 1.8 or 2.0 litre guise depending on the era in which it was produced. The Galanite toy is based on the two-door saloon, although they could also have opted to produce either a four-door, or estate version of the Amazon (I've owned a few Volvo Amazons myself over the years, the most recent being a green 122S).

In addition to Volvos, a number of toy Saabs, Scania trucks, Volkswagens, Land Rovers and Minis were produced, all in a child-friendly and flexible plastic/rubber material, with the only metal parts being the two axles.

Somewhere I've a few other examples of Galanite toys, when I discover them I'll add them to the site. Owners of "real" Volvo Amazons might find this buyer's guide to be of some use.

This toy measures approximately 4ins in length.

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Similar to this 120, but by Combiplay, is an interesting toy version of Volvo's PV 444.

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