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Toy cars made from plastic.

On this page I hope to feature some classic childrens toys, dating from the 1950s through to the 1970s, that were either made out of plastic completely, or else were mainly made of plastic with some minor metal parts only.

From the early days of the 20th century, most children could look forward to being given toy cars made from metal, either die-cast, or, if the parents were quite well off, brightly coloured tin plate (visit the tinplate page to see some classic tin toy cars).

While there could be no doubting that metal toys were still very desirable gifts to find wrapped under a tree at Christmas, the increasing use of plastic in all products of the 1950s, led to many manufacturers producing toy cars from this increasingly popular material. Some toy cars were very basic affairs, featuring just a simple formed bodyshell, perhaps with a base, or sometimes with no base at all and just a couple of axles protruding from the one-piece body. Plastic toys could be produced very cheaply indeed, another bonus for the manufacturers. Many were crude looking things that bore no resemblance to actual production cars, whereas others did resemble a real car, more or less!

Alan, one of the visitors to my toy cars section on oldclassiccar, has sent me photos of some of his toy cars, which I've included in those featured below (thanks Alan).

Toy Thames 400E van   Vauxhall Cresta by Welsotoys   Marx Ford Zephyr Mk2   Plastic MG TF
Thames 400E minibus   Welsotoys Vauxhall   Ford Zephyr Police car   MG by Victory Industries
Toy Vauxhalls   Children's Petrol station and car wash   TR2 sportscar in plastic   Forklift truck toy
Vauxhall Velox saloon   Kleeware Petrol Station   Triumph TR2 Sports   Forklift Truck
Toy Coach   MGA roadster   Toy Ferrari 156   Plastic D-Type Jaguars
Motor Coach by Mettoy   MGA Roadster   Ferrari 156 GP car   Jaguar D-Types x4
Plastic Innocenti A40   Minx convertible toy   Toy Vauxhall   Austin 1800 model car
Innocenti A40 Berlina   Hillman Minx Convertible   Vauxhall Victor FB x2   Austin 1800
Plastic Morris 1100   Plastic Bedford van toy   Toy Citroen DS cars   Tri-ang Austin A40s
Morris 1100 x2   British panel van   Citroen DS cars   Austin A40 Devons
Penguin / Frog racing cars   Schuco Mclaren racing cars   Plastic Vanwall toy cars   Plastic Renwal
Penguin Maseratis   Schuco Mclaren M23   Vanwall GP Cars by ELM   Renwal Speed King
Airfix spring-power racing car   Gama F1 toy car   Marquis toy racing car   Ferguson P99 F1 car by Ingap Toys
Airfix spring racer   Gama Matra F1 car   Marquis racing car   Ingap Ferguson F1 car
Galanites toy Volvo   Ever Ready / Palitoys Austin A70   Victory Industries Standard 10   Marx E-Type Jaguars
Galanite Volvo Amazon   Austin A70 (Ever Ready)   Standard 10   Jaguar E-Type S1
Combiplay Volvo   Racing car transporter toy   Racing car transporter toy   Ol' MacDonald's Farm Truck
Combiplay Volvo PV444   Racing car transporter   Racing car transporter   Ol' MacDonald's Truck
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